FAQ - product specific


HOW TO STORE BATH BOMBS? Our Bath Bombs are packaged in 100% plastic-free, home compostable packaging which means they’re not completely airtight. To prevent humidity from getting to your bath bombs and activating them, store your bath bombs in airtight packaging/an airtight container away from wet areas like the bathroom or laundry.

Dry area - Storing your products like shower steamers, solid bubble bath, bath bomb crumbles, salt soaks, soaps, mylk bath and bath bombs (especially) in an airtight container with moisture absorbers is highly recommended as there is always some degree of humidity in the air and most bath/shower products are activated by moisture. In saying that, even wax melts and candles can be affected by moisture! Dry is best! Also, make sure you don’t let water get into your Moose, Soda Pop, Original Body Scrubs, Jam etc.. a little is fine whilst in use but don’t let more than a few drops enter the jar. 
Dark area - light, whether it be natural or artificial, can cause your products to fade, change in colour or change the overall composition of the product. Storing in a dark cupboard is ideal! 
Cool area - heat can play a major factor in “aging” your products. Especially shower, face, home and body products! Heat can change the complete composition of the product from ingredients to fragrances. If your products aren’t stored in a cool area, you may notice some oil separation (this can happen for other, less concerning reasons), scent changes and even texture changes. Australian summer can be brutal, take care of your precious products by ensuring they’re kept in a cool, dry, dark location, under 30 degrees. 
Your products are as natural as they can be. They’re made using high quality, vegan ingredients and by taking these simple steps to store and care for your products, you’ll be able to enjoy them more and for longer. 

WHAT ARE THE EXPIRY OF THE PRODUCTS? Every product will have a recommended use by on the label, however, this is based on when you receive the product. We have the ability to store products at HQ in complete temperature and humidity controlled areas to prolong their shelf life. Like all things, they’re best used as soon as receiving… but let’s be honest, they last too long for that! If you store correctly, use per the instructions, they’ll last months. Candles, Face Masks and Bath Bombs, however, really should be used within that 3 month period to ensure there is no drastic changes to the product once out of the temperature controlled areas. 

WILL YOUR BATH BOMBS STAIN MY BATH? No. However, please ensure that the bath is clean prior to use. After use, rinse bath immediately - do not let coloured water sit in bath overnight. If there is any residue, rinse immediately. Older baths may have hidden wear and tear that colours and micas may adhere to. If unsure, always check with your bath manufacturer prior to use. 

WILL BUBBLE BATH CHANGE THE COLOUR OF WATER? Bubble Bath is designed to create mountains of long lasting bubbles. It may give you a slightly coloured bath but a Bath Bomb is designed to change the scent and colour of the bath water.

HOW DO I STORE CANDLES? The wax that we use is soy wax and is quite temperamental. Store it in a dry, cool and low humidity area with the lid on to prevent issues such as sweating or the wax expanding. Your candle is best used within 3 months of receiving. Always follow the safety information on the bottom of your jar. 

HOW DO I STORE FACE MASKS AND FACE CLEANSERS? Your Face Mask and Cleanser can be kept in the bathroom to ensure don’t forget to use it! Just be sure to keep water out of the jar, the lid on and out of direct sunlight or bathroom heat lamps. 

HOW DO I USE A GIANT BATH BOMB? Our giant Bath Bombs, 500g+ should be broken into smaller pieces and enjoyed across multiple baths. Like all of our Bath Bombs, they’re designed to be used in a full, clean bath.  



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