Our Packaging

Let's Break It Down...further!

As a vegan company, everything is handcrafted by two passionate vegans. We take everything we do seriously, right down to our packaging.

PACKAGING BOXES The box that your order arrives in can go straight to recycling. Remove any tape first.

PACKAGING FOAM Made entirely out of corn/wheat! No, don't eat it, instead pop it in your green bin/compost bin and it'll break down completely. Want to see what we mean? Wet a piece and watch it disappear.

COMPOSTABLE BAGS now these are my favourite thing ever! All of our Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bath, Shower Steamers and Wax Melts are packaged in 100% plastic-free, home compostable packaging. They're made entirely from PLANTS. Place into your green/compost bin and allow it to break down. Takes around 12 weeks depending on your climate.

FOIL from our Chocolate Block Soaps, these can be recycled, simply scrunch them with any other left over foil at home must be the size of a tennis ball before putting it into your yellow bin.

SHOWER/BATH JARS are ready to be recycled!

Any questions or suggests please let a Doe know as are always thinking of new ways to improve! hello@ohdeersugar.com