The perfect blend of organic coconut milk, natural oat powder, and jojoba oil creates a deeply hydrating and nourishing experience that softens and soothes skin.

freshen up any space
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Who's got a furry friend that's forever pulling the "oops, I did it again" expression?

Don't let the blame game begin! Just a few sprays of our Room Refresher will help magically erase any lingering odours, leaving the area smelling as if nothing ever happened.

No need to worry about being the fall guy for any funky smells! Even if it was really you.

Our phthalate-free fragrances will leave your room smelling fresh and inviting for hours. 

Sangria Time BOdy Scrub

Pre drinks are best done in the shower, and by pre drinks we mean pre scrub your rough edges away with the Sangria Time Body Scrub before hitting the town


Our Bath Bombs are packaged in 100% plastic-free, home compostable packaging which means they’re not completely airtight. To prevent humidity from getting to your bath bombs and activating them, store your bath bombs in airtight packaging/an airtight container away from wet areas like the bathroom or laundry.

how fast do you ship?

We aim for same day if you order before 12pm otherwise the following day! We only use Australia Post, this allows you to receive tracking and a full breakdown of its journey to you.


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