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Jam, Jam the magical wash!

This is my second Jam and I have more on the way. I absolutely love shower jam, it’s so so good. The unicorn land is in use now and my whole family love it. The kids say it smells like mum rolled in lollies. Hahah


been waiting for far too long for this to come back in stock and it was worth the wait. absolutely incredible

drink more water WAFFLE BATH BOMB
Chelsie (Adelaide, AU)
Such an important message!

The prettiest performer you’ll ever see!!
Love the colour way of this one.

This scent is beyond deerlicious
Glad we have been spoilt in waffle form

rough seas WAFFLE BATH BOMB 180g
Natalie S. (Melbourne, AU)
Must Buy

OMG what a beautiful experience this waffle was! It took me to a relaxing day in the water with the sun shining and flowers blooming! Not to mention the beautiful blue it turned the water! You have to try this!

Perfect blueberry cheesecake!

Loved this one! Creamy, light and not over powering. Highly recommend. A great morning start.

Lemonade Soda Pop Body Scrub 250ml
Mykaela Wallmeyer (Perth, AU)

Refreshing and zesty absolute favourite for my every morning wake up routine.

candy krush waffle BATH BOMB 180g
Mykaela Wallmeyer (Perth, AU)

Brilliant smell and the kids love the colours

Summery and fresh

This is such an incredible smelling wax melt. Perfect for summer

Smells deerlicious

This shower moose smells incredible and it lathers up beautifully. This is a must have product for your shower routine.

My absolute favourite scent

I cannot get enough of the scent of these and they are my favourite way to unwind in the bath

So fun!

I loved this! Such a fun bath, beautiful colour, smells beyond amazing, and the little ‘mingo sparkles are just the icing on the literal cupcake.

unicorn land ROOM REFRESHER 125ml
Danielle (Brisbane, AU)

This is absolutely amazing,😍😍 all you need is 2 0r3 sprays in your room and the scent lingers in your room, a must in every home. I also give my car a little spray too😍. Love it


the texture and smells are just insane. Left my skin smooth and non oily

punchbowl SHOWER JAM BODY WASH 300ml
Emily Gallagher (Camperdown, AU)
A favourite

This was one of the first jams i bought when jams were released and it’s easily been one of my favourite scents.
smells like a aussie fruit salad summer

unicornland CHOCOLATE BLOCK SOAP 45g
Laurette (Brisbane, AU)
Unicorn Magic

I love the chocolate block soaps. They are the perfect size to hold and this is one of my all time favourite scents. Perfect for the fawns!

lump of coal BODY ICING 60ml
Laurette (Brisbane, AU)
Wouldn’t be upset to find this coal in my stocking

This body icing is a gorgeous light formula that absorbs well and leaves no greasy residue, whilst leaving your skin feeling nicely hydrated and smelling divine

punch bowl ROOM REFRESHER 125ml
Laurette (Brisbane, AU)
Packs a PUNCH

These room sprays are such a great product. One spray and your room smells gorgeous for ages. The perfect way to quickly spruce up your house when guests arrive and this scent is divine 😋

Berry Good 🤩

Imagine soaking in soft fluffy bubbles that smell like this.. well don’t just imagine it.. do it! A little goes a long way. Long lasting luscious bubbles 🫧


The bubbliest of bubble baths await. Just a small amount creates a mountain of bubbles in one of the herds most favourite scents! A must try range

Use your melon *drool 🍉 🤤

Use your melon has got to be one of the best scents ever! Had tried this scent in almost every products available and it never gets old! Leaves your skin with the heavenly scent 🤤

energizer ORIGINAL BODY SCRUB 250ml
Sarah Good (Adelaide, AU)
The BEST!!

My favourite exfoliation product! And I am not a lover of coffee. Smells like heaven 🥰

Lovely scent

I like the coconutty scent, and it leaves my face feeling soft. It exfoliates as well as cleansing, but it's very gentle.

clean your room WAX MELT 36g
Kristy Orourke (Adelaide, AU)
Love this

I have this one where the dogs sleep & it’s covers up their smell so well and spreads through that part of the house. It’s beautiful, one of my favourites


This scent is so delicious! It’s such a fresh zesty scent and lingers all day through the house.