When we moved to Brisbane in 2019, we knew the heat and humidity would be an issue, so we chose a fully air-conditioned warehouse that was on the smaller side. Unfortunately after only 4 months of working in our new Herd HQ, we knew it was going to be too small. However, we carried on and made it work  but have always been on the hunt for a bigger HQ. We still haven't found the perfect, giant Herd HQ so we got a shipping container to store our packing boxes and jars.. we filled that with one delivery of jars. SO we decided it was time to get a second HQ for raw ingredients and packaging storage. 

In September 2020 we signed the lease for The Herd HQ Vault. A warehouse that holds all of our precious ingredients, jars and packing boxes. We called it the Vault because it's ultra secure and no one enters it other than Sharni and I. Although we only use Australian suppliers, COVID has made it extremely different to obtain the high quality ingredients required to manufacture a lot of our products, so, when it was available, we bought as much as we could and have it stored securely, ready to go at all times because we know our Herd need deerlicious baths to get them through the worst of times.