The Non-Edible Cake Decorating Workshop

The Non-Edible Cake Decorating Workshop, the first of it's kind...EVER! happening at the Brick & Mortar Creative Hub.
Sunday 13th March 2016

"Join us for a hands on cake decorating workshop with a twist – you can’t lick the bowl. This workshop will give you an insight on how the decorating process works at Oh Deer Sugar.

Sharni the creator and head ‘Baker’ of the Non-Edible Bakery will demonstrate how to decorate your cake with her own styling techniques by using our signature bubbly bright coloured icing & soapy decorations to create your own cake to take home!

The cake you decorate will be yours to keep to either cut up and use yourself or share amongst your herd. The cake is large enough to give you approx 25 plus bubble baths using the bubble bar top and keep yourself squeaky clean with the 500g soap base.

As the icing is bubbly and not of the chocolate kind – we will be serving delicious treats and juices/smoothies from our friends at the 

Juice Lovers Juicery to help satisfy your teased tasted buds."

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