the herd badass bath lovers club HOLOGRAPHIC STICKER

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Badass Bath Lovers Club only. 

Perfect for your laptop, car, bathroom mirror, on top of your stash box, skateboard, kids forehead, notepad.. stick it any or everywhere.. we do suggest buying more than one because trying to choose just one place to stick a sticker is very stressful and if you're anything like us, you'll never commit to a space and just bluetac it somewhere. #CommitmentIssues 

Approx 75mm x 75mm 

Heavy duty vinyl 

Weather resistant! We've had ours on our ODS Van for 2 months in heavy rain and the hot QLD sun with no issues. 

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Joseph
Do you need one??

The answer is no you need more then one as their is so many places to put them car, laptop, fridge, allans car... 😉

Holographic herd sticker..

..Do you even need any further reason?
I think not 😉