scratch 'n' sniff but make it soapy SOAP SAMPLER BOX

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Can't decide on which product to try next? Unsure what scents you will like? 

Welcome to the soap sampler box! Each box contains 14 soaps scented in the herd favs and classics. In here you'll find a rainbow of 30g soap samples to smell, test and (hooves crossed) fall in love with!

 There are 2 different types of boxes! 
🥶 Cool Hues - ft 14 different scents (each “cool hues” box has the same mix of 14 different scents)

🔥 Warm Hues (most) - ft 14 different scents (each “warm hues” box has the same mix of 14 different scents)

🌈 Rainbow - ft the 28 different scents from the Cool & Warm Hues box combined (each “rainbow hues” box has the same mix of 28 different scents) -

You won’t know what’s in each box which will allow you to step out of your comfort zone where you may be forced to try a scent that you wouldn’t normally go for.😉 

The box comes with 14x 30g Soap Sample slices, a detailed card with the product name and the different types of product the deerlicious scent is available in. There is also a little chart next to each product name with a 'LOVE IT' 'MEH' and ‘NOPE'! Once you smell and use the soap you can decide if the scent is for you by ticking off the right box - hang on to the card so you can remember for future orders which scent you’ve fallen in love with! We also want to see the filled out card shared in the Herd with your feedback on how you discovered a scent you wouldn’t normally try but are no in love with! 

PS for context, our Chocolate Block Soap Slices are approx 45g - so these 30g ‘sample’ size pieces will give you a good amount of use and enough time to decide if you love a scent! 


Customer Reviews

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Jacki (Sydney, AU)
Love this!

This is a fabulous way to try out all the yummy ODS scents. Our whole family is enjoying using new soaps, testing them out and guessing the scents!
Love your work ladies! 👌🏻