Creme Egg 6 Pack Bubble Bath

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6 Creme Eggs with bubbly centre, bubbly shell - all individually wrapped in pink foil.

Up to 18 baths per pack! 30g per egg. 

 Pink- sweet strawberry. Orange - Yuzu citrusy and fresh. Purple - juicy Lychee.  

Split an egg in half - 3 baths per egg. 1 bath = bubbly centre. 2 bath = egg shell. 
Split in half and hold half underneath running bath water as soon as you turn your taps on to create a bubble bath. Continue to fill your bath with the tap pressure up high. Agitate the water as the bath fills to create more bubbles, out of less product. 

Centre is not gooey 

HOW TO STORE Store in a cool, dry place. Store in airtight packaging. Use within 4 months of the purchase date. 

CAN I EAT THIS? No, do not eat - we are Food for The Skin. External use only.
If reaction occurs, discontinue use.
Caution: may cause surfaces to become slippery, take care.
Contains nuts & gluten.

INGREDIENTS bicarbonate soda, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA), corn flour, cream of tartar, glycerine, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate, castor oil, sucrose, aqua, potato starch, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, aqua, CI 45410, CI 15985, CI 51319, fragrance, coco betaine, biodegradable glitter, HPMC, propylene glycol, FD&C artificial colour, titanium dioxide. 

Creme Egg 6 Pack Bubble Bath
Creme Egg 6 Pack Bubble Bath
Creme Egg 6 Pack Bubble Bath