death before decaf SODA POP BODY SCRUB 250ml

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Body wash meets exfoliator.. meets coffee scrub.
Packed full of organic Fairtrade coffee for the ultimate exfoliation. 

SMELLS LIKE Freshly brewed coffee with a drop of mylk and a spoonful of sugar 

HOW TO USE Gently exfoliate all over! 

HOW TO STORE Store with lid on. Keep water out of jar. Best used within 6 months of purchase. Once opened use within 4 months. 

CAN I EAT THIS? No, do not eat - we are Food For The Skin. External use only. Avoid eyes, lips and sensitive areas. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. If reaction occurs, discontinue use.

INGREDIENTS australian sugar crystals, organic fairtrade coffee, glycerin, aqua, sorbitol, sodium lauroyl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, levulinic acid, potassium sorbate, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, fragrance,vitamin e oil.  

Customer Reviews

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Instant wake up!

Perfect for coffee lovers or even if your not your going to love this scent! It's not only a great exfoliater but leaves your skin feeling amazing honestly can't fault this product!


I cannot praise this scent enough - I have bought it in almost every form I swear

Is there any better smell

Fantastic product, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that smell of freshly brewed coffee…
Leaves skin feeling fresh and so soft
Highly recommend

Sarah Collins-Rowe
Calling all parents and parents to be!!

Do you remember a time when waking up in the morning was the start to a bright new day, a quiet morning, a blissful time to prepare your day.

Yeah I remember those days to, it feels like a lifetime ago. Honestly it feels like a dream.

But in reality your life now is wakeup to a cry, fighting siblings at 5am or a child loving you with the oh so brilliantly awesome jumps on your bladder in the early morning. The fun, the fun.. i love my kids 🙃🥴🤣

Do you remember that morning brew, smelling the aroma and just admiring that first sip. Yeah I remembered that to, now all I know is the rush, the coffee mug just waiting and the kettle cold to the touch. YOU NEVER HAVE TIME to even get to it!!!

The moment your little kid jumps in the shower you have barely minutes to jump in your own and scrub up. You crave that coffee, you need the kick!

Parents there is a way to have both. I know, I must be crazy right!!! This scrub, THIS IS IT.

You get it ALL. The aroma is devine, you get the kick, you smell like a million bucks!

DEATH BEFORE DECAF is the scrub you need to keep you honestly sane in the morning rush... You will not be disappointed 😎

Oh and a small tip, please don't consume because oh gosh you will want to eat that entire tub, just get that nose as close as you can and just take a huge sniff, it is honestly fantastic! 👃☕

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