Haunted Herd Special Release Box



📦 The Haunted Herd Special Release Box will be released Thursday 10th October/TONIGHT at 7pm BRISBANE time. Which is: Adelaide: 7:30pm and Sydney & Melbourne: 8pm

The box includes 10 full sized products! No sample sized goodies. We’ve put just as much time into creating the goodies in this box so be prepared 👻

📮 They will be shipped separately - NOTHING can be added to the boxes, unfortunately as they’re already being packed!

‼️You MUST order on it’s own - due to our system and the way it works AND because of the size of these boxes they cannot be ordered with anything else.

👆🏻ONE box per transaction! (Each box features the same products)

🙅🏼‍♀️ Unfortunately if you do order more than one of the Haunted Herd Special Release Box or any additional products your whole order will be refunded and you may miss the chance of receiving the Haunted Herd Box.

💀 You won’t know what the products are but it includes bath, shower and melts - they are premade so we can’t take things out, swap them over or add to them.

🏃‍♀️BE FAST WITH CHECK OUT!! We have made a fair few but after looking at how fast items sold out in the normal Halloween range, being a fast Deer is a good idea 🦌

⚠️ Buy at your own risk ⚠️ it’s full of creepy goodies so be prepared 😈

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Haunted Herd Special Release Box