Halloween Month '23


      Halloween month has crept up on us all... the spookiest, scariest and best halloween range is about to drop. But it does come with a warning ⚠️💀

      🤡 Billy is back with a vengeance from his short break…
      Unicorns in their graves are making the earth shake.
      Spell Books are out and they're putting curses on you.
      You... it's always been you.. only you. 🧢

      We'll serve you up heads that fizz and foam, 👶
      A jar full of creamy, milky goodness hiding some bones.🦴
      This month, we give to you our Cold Dead Heart,🖤
      But you need to commit because you know there will be more than one part.

      Your showers will be dripping in red.. 🩸
      The screams and terror are starting to spread.
      They’ll be popping up everywhere from bath to home...
      The gang is all here so you won’t be alone 👻

      Settle in, make your self comfortable.
      The bandages are coming off, we want this to be memorable. 🔪

      Halloween Month first release - Saturday 30th (30/09/23) 9am

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