put it to the zest DONUT WAX MELT 34g

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SMELLS LIKE a squeeze of a tangerine, a dash of sweet orange juice and a slice of lime floating in this zesty cocktail.   

HOW TO USE Place in an empty, clean and dry oil burner. Do not overfill or place near flame. To ensure you can safely enjoy our wax melts, you'll receive a safety information sheet. Always read this before use. UP TO 8HR BURN TIME

HOW TO STORE Store in a dry, dark, COOL place. Store in airtight packaging. Keep away from moisture and heat.

CAN I EAT THIS? No, do not eat... or bathe with, this ones for your oil burner! Melt it away and enjoy the scent. Keep away from pets & children.

AS ALWAYS, THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY HANDCRAFTED. THEREFORE MAY SLIGHTLY DIFFER FROM PHOTO. Colours may change or blend over time due to the fragrance in the wax.

Customer Reviews

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Zesty Mumma

I absolutely love a good citrussy scent. This one is amazing!

Jasmine Faram

Zesty!! Such a fabulous melt.

Chelsie Emmerson

Obsessing over this one such a vibe. Now available in a jam do yourself a favour get 10

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