death before decaf donut WAX MELT 34g

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SMELLS LIKE freshly brewed coffee with vanilla mylk

HOW TO USE Place in an empty, clean and dry oil burner. Do not overfill or place near flame. To ensure you can safely enjoy our wax melts, you'll receive a safety information sheet. Always read this before use. 

UP TO 8HR BURN TIME HOW TO STORE Store in a dry, dark, COOL place. Store in airtight packaging. Keep away from moisture and heat.

CAN I EAT THIS? No, do not eat... or bathe with, this ones for your oil burner! Melt it away and enjoy the scent. Keep away from pets & children..

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Joseph
Do you like coffee?

If you love the smell of coffee but don't want to stain your teeth get this baby it smell like a fresh brew on a cold morning. But who am I kidding who doesn't drink coffee?


I will be ordering more.
Delicious. I am in love. I will be getting the other death by decaf beauties.

Ash Scott
Fresh brewed coffee

This is a scent that makes your whole house smell fresh and clean

Iced coffee for me!

Love this. I do not need to make a coffee just for the awesome smell any more I had this baby going this morning and it was heaven!

Chelsea C
Coffee all round

I won't drink hot coffee but damn I'll burn this melt all day long! Love the smell and how cosy it makes the house feel !

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