The early days of Oh Deer Sugar

I never dreamt that I would be running a business let alone for 10 years! I worked as a cook, as a lackey with crazy hospitality hours. So the hours i had to put into baby ODS to let her grow wasn’t a shock to the system. 

From going from my day time job, jumping on my scooter heading to the local supplier store in the central markets with my sad pay check to buy the ingredients I needed for orders. I would race home (as far as a tiny scooter over weight with items would allow!) change my clothes and get back into the kitchen with all my supplies. Once products were made I would design my labels on the computer, I would print ON PAPER and use the contact (literally the stuff you would use on your year 5 book with a collage from Dolly) to apply my ‘labels’ to the jars.

I would fulfil orders, and take my trusty scooter down to the post office to send them all off. Shout out to the Welland Aus Post office I’m so sorry and so thankful once you told me they could come to my house to collect my orders! Once I made the crazy choice to leave my day time job and take this on full-time, Nikki had a mini panic attack. I told her it’s fine, Ive got this! 


And wow did I NOT have this! It was chaos, there was so much to remember, so many people to contact, someone to pay and always something that needed to keep growing. It was ALOT but I had never felt so incredibly proud of everything. 


Not too much has changed now, but thankfully Nikki is in charge of the money, and all the boring computer work because my brain doesn’t compuut I literally zone out soon as she starts talking numbers. 


Now the creative side? That’s where I fit in best, give me my prep room/kitchen and it’s like being at my day job again, marking off my prep lis ton the whiteboard and getting creative with everything I have on hand. 


We have our 10th birthday box coming out this Saturday 9am and OMG it’s going to be like a throwback but with 10 year’s of practise behind me to show you just how much we have grown. 

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